The next term starts after easter, and currently taking place at Redbank Plains

Beginners: Thu 6:30-7:30 from 20th April-22nd June

Intermediate tribal fusion/ dark fusion: Tue 6:30-8. 20th Coming Mid-June-July A half hour segment of conditioning and yoga is an integral part of this class, please bring a yoga mat, and suitable clothing.


Introduces the basics of postures, pose and movements common to all bellydance and those unique to tribal and tribal fusion and dark fusion. In beyond beginners, we progress to basic travelling moves and specific Black Moon Bellydance movement vocabulary. Emphasis is given to safety and establishing the strong core and posture which is the hallmark of this style. No previous dance experience is required. As a rule of thumb, most people who are completely new to dance do 2 or 3  terms of beginners to be ready to progress. Once people are comfortable and competent with the Black Moon Improvised Tribal movements and foundation technique, they can progress to intermediate classes. Those who have a lot of previous experience in other dance genres, or returning from a break from bellydance often find one term is sufficient or may be ready for beyond beginners/ intermediate classes straight off.


This builds more complex combinations of movements, both choreographed and improvised. Technique covered includes the fundamental movements and variations, as well as the unique Black Moon movement vocabulary, and use of props.

Dark fusion – Rich, emotive and stunningly arresting, dark fusion is influenced by the gothic subculture, trance dance and physical theatre. This is a chance to really explore musical and costuming inspirations without worrying about fitting into any box or genre. There are performance opportunities for students in intermediate level classes, but regular attendance is required to be familiar and polished enough to perform.