Card Readings

I am delighted to be back doing a limited number of Tarot and Oracle Card Readings.

I have been reading cards for over 20 years now. Both Tarot and Oracle cards, in the hands of an experienced reader, bypass the conscious mind and pierce to the heart of the matter, and are potent tools for finding support and higher wisdom in life’s challenges. The insights and advice helps clients to formulate appropriate response to situations.

Asking someone for a card reading is an energetic contract – you are giving them permission to read your energy – so choose readers wisely.

These readings are not for entertainment, or a substitute for self responsibility, but an aid for people serious about personal growth. Nonsense requests eg. “how do I make this guy realise I’m his twin flame and get him to leave his wife” will be denied bookings.

Readings may be in regard to a specific issue or challenge, a chakra reading or more general “State of the Ethers” energy reading for the next 3-6 months. I generally have an initial chat via email or Zoom and then will do the reading and write up the report over the next day or so. I find allowing more time rather than than a live “on the fly” reading allows more depth from the interpretations and time for research.

Clients will get a full 1-3 page report, including photos of all card spreads, a quick synopsis of individual card meanings, the full reading interpretation, then a list of actionable advice and other resources the client can look into.

Cards readings are $40 AUD, payable via paypal.